17-18 November 2016, TU Berlin, Audimax


Wednesday, 16 November 2016

18:00 Welcome Reception at TU Berlin, Math Building, Mathematics Library

Thursday, 17 November 2016

9:00 Opening Ceremony
Prof. Christian Thomsen (President, TU Berlin)
Prof. Peter A. Frensch (Vice President for Research, HU Berlin)
Prof. Peter-André Alt (President, FU Berlin)
Steffen Krach (State Secretary for Science, Berlin)
Prof. Günter M. Ziegler (Chair, Berlin Mathematical School)

9:20 Prelude 1
Lecture 1: Prof. Michael Eichmair (U Vienna): Soap films, soap bubbles and black holes


11:00 Prelude 2
Lecture 2: Prof. Claire Voisin (Collège de France) : Compact Kähler versus complex projective manifolds

Lunch break

14:00 Prelude 3
Lecture 3: Prof. Douglas Arnold (U Minnesota): Computing spectra without solving eigenvalue problems


16:00 Math Quiz 

18:00 BMS10 Reception

Friday, 18 November 2016 

9:00 Prelude 4
Lecture 4: Prof. Noga Alon (U Tel Aviv): Structure, randomness and universality


11:00 Prelude 5
Lecture 5: Prof. Rahul Pandharipande (ETH Zurich): Curve counts on K3 surfaces and modular forms


13:45 Prelude 6
Lecture 6: Prof. Laure Saint-Raymond (ENS Paris): Propagation of chaos and irreversibility in gas dynamics


15:45 Prelude 7
Lecture 7: Prof. Martin Hairer (U Warwick): On coin tosses, atoms, and forest fires