Martin Skrodzki © Tsutomu ArakiMartin Skrodzki, BMS Phase II student and member of the FU Berlin’s Mathematical Geometry Processing group, was part of the winning team in the FU Berlin’s "Research to Market Challenge 2017". His team, Double Cover, was awarded first prize in the category “Cultural & Social” for its business model to make artistic and aesthetic geometric models available for education.

Created using sturdy, metallic-looking paper, the cut-outs for the models can be produced in large numbers using a laser cutting technique. The models are then put together by the users themselves and depict mathematical geometries with so-called multiple coverings. These are geometric analogies to the weaving process used in the production of cloth. By introducing multi-coverings, the models become both more stable and mathematically interesting. The models presented depict platonic solids, double covered, but the method can be applied to any geometrical model. Potential customers for Double Cover’s winning idea include teachers, science workshop organizers and private individuals. The other team members are the former BMS vice chair and head of the Mathematical Geometry Processing group Prof. Dr. Konrad Polthier, technical staff member Ulrich Reitebuch and student assistant Kevin Guo.

The “Research to Market Challenge” is a competition for research-based product and business ideas and is open to members or alumni of the FU Berlin, among others. As well as prize money in the sum of 1500 euros, the team has been offered the chance to take part in a one-day workshop on business model development, coaching on how to successfully present their idea, and personal feedback by experts.

No sooner had Martin accepted this prize with his team on 18 July 2017, than he and some members of his research group were awarded with another prize! On 10 August 2017 in Tokyo, Japan, the winners of this year’s Asian Digital Modeling Contest (ADMC) were announced: Martin, Konrad, and Ulrich were jointly awarded one of the two ADMC2017 Awards for Excellence for their model “Chladni Towers”.

Martin Skrodzki about Chladni Towers © Tsutomu ArakiThe aim of the ADMC is to encourage the creation of three-dimensional mechanisms and objects in innovative environments via 3D printing technology. The competitors were asked to submit an original design that could be created using a 3D printer. Out of 27 competitors, eleven finalists were invited to present their designs at the 2017 Asian Forum on Graphic Science in Tokyo. Upon announcing “Chladni Towers” as one of the winning designs, the jury explained its choice: "The form is constructed from a layered Chladni figure, which is derived from physical phenomena. Visualization of sound is often performed by two-dimensional figures, but by using a layered structure, additional dimension is expressed in the height direction and the vibration of sound is expressed in a 3D space. The idea is novel and the realized form is elegant. This is a splendid work that visualizes invisible physical phenomena.”

As a member of the Mathematical Geometry Processing group at the FU Berlin, Martin is currently working on his PhD under the supervision of the former BMS vice chair Prof. Dr. Konrad Polthier. Martin's research interests include the acquisition of point sets via 3D-scanning as well as their processing. With regards to efficiency, he is interested in nearest-neighbor algorithms and corresponding data structures.

Many congratulations to Martin and the other members of his team for their success!

Written by S. E. Sutherland-Figini

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