Günter M. Ziegler, Professor of Mathematics at the FU Berlin and BMS board member, was recently awarded the “Hector Wissenschaftspreis 2013”. The Hector Stiftung II paid tribute to his outstanding services to research in the areas of discrete mathematics, geometry and topology. Ziegler’s "excellent teaching" and the presentation of his work in the scientific and public community were also decisive factors in their decision. In addition, the Hector Foundation also highlighted Ziegler’s capacity as a role model for young scientists and scholars, as well as for students. The award is accompanied by the appointment of Ziegler as a Hector Fellow and he joins the group of previous winners. The prize is worth 150,000 euros.

Ziegler is nationally and internationally recognized for the remarkable breadth of his mathematical knowledge. For example, in 2001 he was awarded the Leibniz Prize by the German Research Foundation and in 2010 he was honored with an Advanced Grant from the European Research Council. Ziegler is a member of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences board and is a representative for the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina.

The mathematician has been elected for numerous committees, for example he was appointed Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Mathematical Research Institute of Oberwolfach and most recently, he was appointed to the first group of Fellows of the American Mathematical Society in November 2012. 

The Hector Stiftung II is an addition to the H. W. & J. Hector Stiftung, a foundation established by the mathematician and co-founder of SAP AG, Hans-Werner Hector and his wife Josephine Hector. The Board of Trustees annually appoint as Hector Fellows three professors from universities selected by the Excellence Initiative. The Hector Fellows select a temporary chairman and a deputy from their members and their aim is to network with other specialists.

Source: http://www.fu-berlin.de/presse/informationen/fup/2013/fup_13_017/index.html (German)