On 21 June 2013, the "Clara von Simson" Prize was awarded to BMS Phase II student Ágnes Cseh for her outstanding Master thesis entitled “Stable Flows”.

This prize, given
this year for the seventh time, is awarded to the best female graduate in the field of Science or Technology. The ceremony took place in the "Lichthof" of the Technische Universität Berlin as part of the "Academic Ceremony 2013". Agnes was one of three students to win the award.

Clara von Simson was the first woman to finish her habilitation in Physics in 1951 at TU Berlin. It was one of her lifelong goals to motivate women for a career in the natural sciences and she committed herself to supporting women in science, technology and engineering.

Ágnes’ Master thesis supervisors were
Martin Skutella and Jannik Matuschke. Agnes is now a member of the Combinatorial Optimization & Graph Algorithms Group (COGA) at TU Berlin, working under Martin Skutella.

Congratulations Ágnes!