In cooperation with the Einstein Foundation Berlin, the Berlin Mathematical School (BMS) of the Cluster of Excellence MATH+ awards up to three annual prizes for outstanding dissertations to BMS graduates. We are delighted to announce that the first MATH+ Dissertation Awards have been presented to Dr. Leon Sering and Dr. Josué Tonelli Cueto.


Both award winners graduated from Technische Universität Berlin as members of the Berlin Mathematical School (BMS), the graduate school of MATH+.

In 2017, Leon Sering moved to Berlin for his doctorate. Under the supervision of Martin Skutella, he was part of the COGA research group (Combinatorial Optimization & Graph Algorithms) and became a member of the Berlin Mathematical School (BMS). After completing his doctorate with Summa Cum Laude based on his thesis “Nash Flows Over Time” and his oral defense in 2020, Leon Sering is now working as a postdoctoral researcher at ETH Zurich in Rico Zenklusen's group.

Josué Tonelli Cueto joined the BMS in 2014 as a Phase I student. In 2017, he received a grant from the Einstein Foundation for his doctoral studies, supervised by Peter Bürgisser (TU Berlin) and Felipe Cucker (City University of Hong Kong). In 2019, he was awarded the doctoral degree from TU Berlin with Summa Cum Laude for his thesis on “Condition and Homology in Semialgebraic Geometry” and oral defense. Moreover, his dissertation won the 3rd Prize in the Tiburtius Prizes 2020 of the State of Berlin. Currently, Josué Tonelli Cueto has a postdoc position at INRIA Paris and the IMJ-PRG under the mentorship of Fabrice Rouillier and Elias Tsigaridas.

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