2012 Evaluation Focuses on Mathematics and Science Subjects

The mathematics faculties of the three Berlin universities have reached top positions in the recently published “Diversity of Excellence 2012: Research - Practical Application - Internationality - Student Orientation" report, a special evaluation carried out by the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE). This evaluation was based on the results of the 2012 CHE University Ranking in the subjects of mathematics and science.

In two of the categories evaluated, the Freie Universität, Humboldt Universität & Technische Universität Berlin ranked among Germany’'s top universities. The HU joined the TU in the leading group for mathematics in the two categories of research and practical application. The FU also gained top marks for mathematics in the research category.

This special evaluation "Diversity of Excellence" was first published in 2011 and replaced the CHE Research Ranking, which was published until 2009. Simultaneously the areas of internationality, practical application and student orientation were incorporated for the first time. For this year's evaluation, the subjects of medicine and nursing science, natural science, as well as mathematics, computer science and sport were examined more closely.

TU Berlin Press Office
http://www.pressestelle.tu-berlin.de/medieninformationen/2013/maerz_2013/medieninformation_nr_502013/ (German)


Vielfältige Exzellenz 2012: Forschung – Anwendungsbezug – Internationalität – Studierendenorientierung
http://www.che-ranking.de/downloads/CHE_AP164_Vielfaeltige_Exzellenz_2012.pdf (German)