The seminar is mandatory for our new BMS students who startet in the winter semester 2023/24
One day seminar on 6 October 2023, 10am (sharp!) - 5:30pm, room: MAR 2.013 (for registered BMS students only!), @TU, Marchstr. 23, 10587 Berlin (2nd floor)
Trainer: Konstanze Bittmann

Whether it is in school, at university, or at work - intercultural communication has become imperative to a harmonious, supportive and effective experience for all. This workshop will provide a basic overview of intercultural communication theories and show students and phd candidates how to recognize their own cultural identity and the way it influences their interactions with others.

Through self-inspection, exercises and tandem work we will launch rich group discussions and explore together, what is working or not for you when collaborating in a culturally diverse team. The aim of the workshop is to raise cultural awareness and learn about different perceptions and their cultural roots. Participants will gain a better understanding on German cultural patterns and common communication conventions, especially in the context of academia/ university. There will be plenty of time to address personal questions in case you just arrived in Germany for your studies.