Planned soft-skills seminars in summer semester 2021

Good scientific practice (mandatory for BMS Phase II students, who started in WS 2020)
Webinar on 23 and 30 April 2021 from 9:30am (sharp!) to 1:00pm and from 2:00pm (sharp!) to 5:30pm
Trainer: Hans-Peter Eckle 

Ethical principles and values of good scientific practice are important standards within the scientific system of which every scientist needs to be aware. Aims of the course “Good Scientific Practice” are, therefore, for the participants to know and understand the basic rules and values of the responsible conduct of research and to recognise questionable scientific practice and misconduct. The participants are encouraged to develop an awareness for and ability to anticipate potential problems and conflicts in the scientific process and a readiness to discuss them with colleagues in a cooperative way. This will help them to develop appropriate solutions and find strategies to act constructively in those difficult situations in the process of science.

Contents (in brief) include the following:

  • Principles of ethics in science and of good scientific practice
  • Scientific misconduct: forms, levels of severity, and prevention
  • Data Management, authorship and the process of publication
  • Mentorship relations: mutual responsibilities, resolving conflicts, and strategies of cooperation
  • Cooperation in research teams
  • Areas of science which are prone to conflict
  • Conflict prevention and management
  • Prevention of scientific misconduct