Hilda Geiringer
(1893-1973) completed her Habilitation in Berlin in 1927 and was the first woman to hold the title of Privatdozent in applied mathematics.

The BMS awards the Hilda Geiringer Scholarship to promising PhD students to support their mathematical research and in recognition of their outstanding achievements. Each year one Phase II student is selected to receive the scholarship by the BMS Committee. The scholarship lasts for 24 months with an option to extend for an additional 12 months.

Hilda Geiringers's daughter Magda Tisza describes the program in 2017 as following: "The stellar record of some of your scholarship selections is impressive."

The following PhD students were awarded the Hilda Geiringer Scholarship:

2011: Katharina Jochemko
2012: Mira Schedensack 
2013: Ana Djurdjevac
2014: Asilya Suleymanova
2015: Efstathia Katsigianni 
2016: Sima Mehri
2017: Candan Güdücü
2018: Babette de Wolff
2019: Tatiana Levinson


Katharina Jochemko defended her doctoral thesis on 12 December 2014. Written under the supervision of Raman Sanyal, she received the highest possible grade "summa cum laude". Congratulations Katharina! 

Mira Schedensack defended her doctoral thesis, written under the supervision of Carsten Carstensen, on 25 June 2015. Mira was awarded the best possible grade "summa cum laude". Congratulations Mira!

Asilya Suleymanova defended her doctoral thesis, written under the supervision of Jochen Brüning, on 27 September 2017. Asilya received the grade "magna cum laude". Congratulations Asilya!

Efstathia Katsigianni defended her doctoral thesis, written under the supervision of Hélène Esnault, on 21 September 2018. Efstathia received the grade "magna cum laude". Congratulations Efstathia!

Ana Durdevac defended her doctoral thesis on 27 November 2018. Written under the supervision of Ralf Kornhuber, she received the highest possible grade "summa cum laude". Congratulations Ana!

Sima Mehri defended her doctoral thesis on 19 August 2019 (written under the supervision of Michael Scheutzow). Congratulations Sima!

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