How do I explain how I plan to finance my studies?

You need to provide a short explanation of how you plan to support yourself financially while studying at the BMS, e.g. with a scholarship, private savings, parental support. If you do not have such funds, then please answer the following questions:

  • Which means of support have you explored?
  • What steps have you taken to try secure funding for your studies?
  • Have you applied for scholarships from other institutions? If so, which?
  • Will funding be necessary to enable you to come to BMS?

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Do I need to submit an APS certificate?

No. An APS certificate is not required by the BMS for an application to the BMS PhD Program.

As a Phase II applicant, do I need to find a supervisor before I submit my application?

No. In your research statement, please mention which member of the BMS faculty you would like to work with and why. Applicants should be familiar with the research of potential supervisors, but prior contact with them is not necessary.

Do I need to send hard copies of my documents by post?

No. Please simply upload all the necessary documents to your online application. If your documents are neither in English nor in German, you must also upload official translations in one of those languages. Should your application be successful and you accept a study place at the BMS, you must bring all academic documents (together with official English or German translations if that applies to you) in their original format in order to enrol at one of the three universities.

Why can I not access my online application form anymore?

Once an applicant has submitted the application electronically, he/she cannot access it anymore. However, it is possible to check the application again by logging into the BMS website and clicking on “PhD Application Check” in the left menu bar.